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Beths Masterplan

Page history last edited by Jaf 10 years, 6 months ago

To do some reflection during a very busy time! not getting the most for my PPD out of what I'm doing, and seems a shame to waste so many things that could count towards revalidation :)


why revalidation? because it will a) make me do some stuff (or having the lovely Jaf as a mental will!) b) because it adds structure  C) if I'm doing all this reflecting, I may as well get something to show for it!


I chartered in May 2010, so can't revalidate (under the current system) until May 2013. Plan is to make sure I keep records of everything as I go along, so come 2013 I just have to send it all off.  Or struggle with whatever system cilip buy for online submission.


Important aspect of this masterplan? Stop doing so much stuff! Need more time to reflect and rest.  2011 is a very busy year...  With this in mind, in May 2011 I resigned from the SLA E webcommittee.  small steps...


Yay for being mature enough to be able to step back from things when you're over committed!
Now...you've given a presentation at a conference in the last few weeks, haven't you? So....I demand, by the end of June, a writeup on any/all of these aspects:
Why you did the talk
What it was on
How it was received
What you gained from it
How you would do it differently (if at all)

The only non-optional bit is the "what you gained from it" - that's the reflective and evaluative part!


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