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What Beth Needs To Do And Jaf Will Prod Her About

Page history last edited by Jaf 10 years, 5 months ago

Organise this page better! [having just gone away and looked at Jaf's. Need actions and timescales!] I will take this as a oppurchancity to stick my oar in ;) I will be Strict Jaf here!


Get a grip!

Beth is doing well - rationalising time and responsibility commitments is good. Define grip - how much time, maximum, do you want to commit weekly or monthly to professional activities? 

Can that time be fitted into working days, or will it be lunch/evenings/weekends?

Ideally I'd like to shrink it down to what can be fitted in working days! I went through a phase (when stuff was all kicking off with VftL) when I was working every evening and weekend - putting in about 15/20 hours a week. In reaction to this, I've now kind of stopped doing anything in my own time, even when I really should.. (can you say 'book deadlines'?).  Current strategy is to work through lunch most days, and stay at work for an extra half hour or so every day to try to get stuff done then so I don't have to later, and can switch off when I get home.  I'll aim then for no more than 5 hours a week.

Ok - when will you update this/reassess this one? Lets throw in a deadline...by the end of June, you'll have been doing this for a month - that seems like a good enough timescale to get an idea of whether you're beginning the cutdown, or if it's still overwhelming you.


End of June 2011

Assess whether current approach to extracurricular commitments (yes, it's like being in school) is helping to separate work/home.


27/6/11  Ok, this is definitely the right way for me to handle this! I get a few hard looks for coming home late from work some days, but I'd much rather leave the building with a clear conscience :)  This won't last as things get frantic with the book, but I'm going to try to manage it like this for now.  I've also just stepped back from VftL, so once I've eased out of that in a couple of weeks my conflicts and 'needing to do stuff at the weekend' will drop dramatically.


Yay - looks like you're definitely getting into the swing of the"What happens at work, stays at work" sort of approach. VftL commitment lessening will also be good, especially as book commitment increases, but you'll have had the time to develop a method of working that will deal with that commitment while allowing you to relax at home.


Lets set a review date for end of July, to see if this is still working for you. More just to get you in the habit of checking your working style occassionally than because you need to do more on this... 


P.S. Happy to help in any way with book stuff, if I can. Which includes making you a wiki like this and doing Hard Stares re book deadlines ;)


End of July 2011

Review how working style is fitting. Estimate how many weekly hours extra-curricular work is taking, and if it's within the 5 hours....or whether the 5 hours needs to be upped to take into account book work.


Ok....so, how's this going then? - 9 August 2011


Stop saying 'yes' to everything!

Once you've figured out how to do this, can you tell my boss? :) But, this is a bit vague - you could be doing this forever and never say you'd completed it...maybe you should set a limit of accepting 2 new commitments a month, max? Or a number that you feel you can do.

Ok, rather than just 'stop saying yes', this should probably be 'think carefully about accepting new commitments, weigh up the time you have available, and what you'll get out of it'.

Again - when will you look at this and how will you know you've done it? Maybe make a list of offered events/accepted events (with estimated time commitment, and reasons why you accepted)/declined events (with reasons why, if you want). This would be good to have as an updated table - gives you a visual reminder of what you're agreeing to, and what it's going to cost you in terms of time.


End of June 2011 

Create and update with information covering the period 1st June - 31st June (or whenever you see fit) a table outlining offered commitments, those rejected, and those accepted, with reasons for each action.


27/6/11 I have only been asked to do 2 things this month, and I've said yes to both... BUT:


One was a 500 word piece for information today europe - I said 'yes, but only if you can wait until August. I can find someone else to do it earlier if you like' and they said they'd wait for me :)

The other pays me real cash money! EAD training in Dublin in December - by which time book with (theoretically) be finished.


Both excellent reasons for acceptance, and also fitting in within your timetable - success!


End of July 2011

Nothing to do here but maintain - just give an update as above.


Update time: what you been offered, what you accepted and rejected, and reasons why. - 9 August 2011



Decide where career is going (if anywhere), and get some appropriate experience/training.

Ok - when? Narrow it down. Where do you want to be in one year? Decide that, then build the steps to it, and outline them.

eek! ok, this will go on my to-do :) *action

Good gal!


Any Deep Thoughts on this? - 9 August 2011


Get some enthusiasm back so I can think of some things I'd actually like to learn!

This ain't a thing that you can make happen - either you're up for it, or you ain't. Although a big factor in this is workload - it's easier to be enthusiastic when you can do something wholeheartedly, because your other commitments are manageable and not weighing on you. I wouldn't worry about doing this one - it's not under your immediate control.  

Thanks - will focus on doing the other stuff for now, and hope this comes back naturally :)




Things I would like to learn:

  • time management
  • how to code (in something basic - maybe java?)
  • Italian 
  • indexing!  I'll need to do an index for my book, and it seems a good information-professional sort of skill to learn...  I'll have a look for courses :)  This is going to be my main one for now. 


Ok - which is most important? And which is most do-able (time and money taken into account)?

Choose one, and start investigating that.


27/6/11 Started looking into indexing courses. Society of Indexers do some distance learning, but they're proper multi-module, get-a-qualification-at-the-end-stylee - not what I'm looking for right now!  Aslib run a one-day course which looks like it might be about right http://www.aslib.com/training/courses/indexing.htm.  I'll ask work about going to this.  If I fall in love with indexing (hey, anything's possible!) I can look into doing a proper one at some later date.


Indexing geek ;) Good work on the researching - this objective isn't something you can set a time or date for hitting, as it's all outside your control, but I'm assuming you'll want it done before your book!


Give an update when you can on whether work, or you, or none will fund attendance.


How you got on with this? Have work agreed to anything? - 9 August 2011


Things I wouldn't really like to learn, but probably need to anyway:

  • management/supervisory skills
  • financial management skills (eg budgets)
  • RDA 
  • Driving :( 


Same as above - it's good to have a Want List, but you need to not overwhelm yourself with too many options. Look at this, and select the most do-able one, and check out how to get on with it.

Right! There's a CILIP 'moving into management' course in November, which I will get signed up for!  *action

I assume the CILIP course is kaput because of their training division courses cancellations - so this needs reassessed. I'm setting you a deadline of end of August to have checked out what's out there (doesn't mean you'll find an appropriate one in that timescale, but you will be able to say you've looked) 


End of August 2011

Have checked with training suppliers on availability of appropriate courses, and dates when these are running.  Darn CILIP and their training-cancelling ways!  Will investigate alternatives :)


I'm being naughty and throwing in an objective (oh dear God, it's like I'm living in my corporate appraisal system!) for you, cobbled together from one I put in as a comment elsewhere!  This is good and I shall do it!


Schedule in regular reflection on professional activities

You give talks at conferences, you attend them, you network...but you're losing the "reflection on your learning", and that's why this wiki's here. If you have too many commitments, you're going to have to prioritise which ones you can reflect on, but you must reflect on some!


So, here's your task:


End of July 2011 

Write reflective material on at least one event/activity per month.


It doesn't matter how large or small the writeup/reflection it is, it's useful! Also, it provides blog content (if you want it), or can originate as blog content.


Here's some ideas for what it should/could contain:

Why you gave the talk/attended the event

What it was about

What you gained from speaking/attending

What suggestions you could make for changes/improvements, either for yourself, or for the host


The only non-optional part is "what you gained from it" - how did this help you develop/fill skills gap/meet new people or network.


We can revisit this at the end of July to see how you're getting on ;)


27/6/11  Reflective blog post from speaking on a panel at sla2011 here:  http://www.sla-europe.org/2011/06/27/sla-2011-alternative-uses-of-the-library-degree-2  Does this count? Even a little bit? 

edit 25/7/11 - this has been reposted on the Future Ready 365 blog here http://futureready365.sla.org/07/23/alternative-uses-of-the-library-degree/


Oh my yes, that certainly counts! Yay for you: you've got a great June reflective piece done! And you're ahead of your deadline for an update :)


25/7/11 - ok, I haven't done this for July yet! will try to write-up the lis-dream conference. not sure i feel confident enough to blog it (it was full of all proper intellectual-types), but shall get something done for here - even if it';s just some bullet points :)


So now....hope you're considering what your August piece will be! :D - 9 August 2011


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