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Jafs Timescale

Page history last edited by Jaf 10 years, 6 months ago

So, a bit of background info on what I already do re professional development recording, and how it goes on throughout the year.


I have a nice ongoing appraisal system in my work, with regular meeting with my Boss to agree new ones, and update on progress with current ones.


As usual, the appraisal objectives always get bumped down to the bottom of the to-do list because research and day-to-day current awareness work take priority, until the last moment when we have to account to the appraisal system moderators for lack of progress!


We have a bonus system, and our bonus is based on our appraisal rating, so it's important for us to be able to evidence my development so my rating will be as good as possible. As support staff, it's hard to find appraisal objectives that fit in with the appraisal system, which has 2 levels: fee earner, and support staff. Due to the way the system was developed, it's unfortunately still heavily-weighted towards the fee earning side, and doing things which benefit the business. As support staff, we have entirely internal users, so we can't do much for business benefits, other than tweak the service.


So, we have the permanent problem of finding me things to do that fit in with my normal workload, are cheap/free (budget cuts meant 2 years of no paid-for external training, although that seems to be relaxing now), don't take me out of the office for too long, and can be justified as something that will enhance the library service.





So...howzabout, I fit it in with my appraisal year - I will update on here what I do, as I do it?


My Revalidation submission is aiming for late 2011, but I have lots of work to do on it beforehand! 


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