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What Jaf Learned And Did Since Wiki Launch

Page history last edited by Jaf 10 years, 4 months ago

Physical evidence

This page will host any documents I've created that demonstrate my professional activities and involvement.



January 2011


  • Report on Open Edge-Open Source in Libraries conference,  January 2011



March 2011


  • Assessment of potential Library resource - Westlaw Index of Legal Terms


  • Assessment of potential Library resource - Justis Local and Private Acts



May 2011


  • Draft of detailed job description for law librarian friend at risk of redundancy due to merger of firms.



June 2011


  • Official response on behalf of SPG to proposal for legal sector book, submitted to me personally after contact via my blog-linked email address, and discussed by the Committee.  Yowch! This was a very reasoned response - just giving me slight 'am I covering too much in not enough depth?' palpitations....  Not that I'd ever presume to cover law librarianship as I know nothing!  <mentormode> Is this the first proposal you've read/fed-back on?  What did you learn from doing so? </mentormode>


I've never read or fed back on a proposal before so you're right - I shall do a small piece on what I learned during this (mainly, using neutral language, providing reasoning for every point made, and trying to give guidance on improvements if possible).


  • First draft of document outlining my thoughts on the issues the current my workplace's Electronic Library has, and what solutions are needed for these issues. Will be edited by Boss in order to incorporate her thoughts and ideas.


  • Briefing notes for new Risk and Compliance Officer starting with the firm, who it's been suggested should have a meeting with me/Boss in order to understand what we do and how we fit in. The notes are more for me, but also as evidence for Boss (who is on holiday) afterwards, about what we covered in the meeting.


  • Writeup for SPG Newsletter of Phil Bradley course, delivered for the SPG Monday 13th June 2011. First draft - sent to editors for amendment as they see fit.




July 2011


  • Guest blog post for legal sector. I was requested to write a post on what law librarians do in firms, and why they're useful to a firm. This is to be posted anonymously for the moment.

          I may confess authorship in the future though :)


  • Convenors Note for SPG Newsletter

          A revamped Newsletter and new editors meant I got to be slightly more lighthearted in tone for this one! 


  • Reflection on what I learned by writing the official SPG response on a book proposal, discussed by the Committee in June 2011.



August 2011


  • Informal briefing for Marketing Department on what the firm could/should be doing about social media, specifically Twitter/blogging. I decided to draft this in order to see if I could be involved from an early stage. I've been blogging and tweeting for 4 years - I've got a certain amount of practical experience, an understanding of the potential legal issues involved, and knowledge of the Scottish legal blog/Twitter landscape.


  • Second draft of document outlining my thoughts on the issues the current my workplace's Electronic Library has, and what solutions are needed for these issues, incorporating amendments we want made based on actions/feedback since first draft was created.



On the working version of the wiki, this documentation is attached on the area of the page where it is being referred to, and available for viewing/comment by either contributor. 


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