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Jaf Proves She Is Valid

Page history last edited by Jaf 10 years, 6 months ago

I'll use this to collate the reasoning/evidence for my points I'll make in my 500 word personal statement.


Probable content, and some reasoning for activity/inclusion in personal statement - 


  • Involvement in professional bodies


SPG Committee Members wiki - to assist new Committee members by hosting standard docs and records for them to refer to, allow handover of Committee positions to new members to be easier, and allow group discussions to occur in one area rather than via email bombardment.


SPG Convenor - organise courses, give official responses, host AGM, give Convenors report at AGM, write Convenors Note for each quarterly newsletter, write report for Newsletter of any SPG events attended.



  • Manage own professional development


Networking on Twitter and blogs - increases my awareness of wider library/law issues.


HaggisandMash - meet people with more technical skills, gain a level of knowledge of products available for free/minimal cost for library catalogue to improve own service/increase technical control/be prepared if needed to move platform.. 


23 Professional Things blog event - expand professional network, reflect on development and activity


Conference in Oz - personal contact to expand network outside own jurisdiction and time zone.


BIALL conference in 2008 - making new contacts outside of Scottish law field.



  • Aid others in their professional development


SPG events organisation for benefit of fellow Scots law library professionals, to better understand the issues that may affect their working practices ( Digital Economy Act presentation, Getting the most out of Google training (June 2011), Copyright training (November 2011) ), and allow opportunities for informal socialising and networking (Christmas Networking meeting, August Book Festival outing, cheese and wine evening at  Bookshop in October 2011).


Set up UK Library Bloggers wiki - to enable information professionals to more easily locate other librarians and their blogs. Added in Twitter user name element in 2010.


Library Routes project - involvement in beginnings of project. Helps inform new professionals and those considering the profession that the routes into librarianship are varied, and that there is no "correct" way of becoming a librarian.


Revalidation wiki - informal mentoring for Beth of her, and by Beth of me. Both benefit by having the involvement of the other. I get valuable feedback on my activities and evidence for Revalidation, and Beth has a place to collate her professional activities and reflect on them.


  • Assess and improve own Library service provision 


Involvement in redesign of Electronic Library to better meet the needs of the users, and reflect how the EL is used.   

Creating and maintaining internal staff wiki - for business continuity reasons, and to act as a reference guide for any temporary or new staff to refer to. Allows staff to share information better internally.


Undertaking Open University course on Scots Law (commencing November 2011) in order to better understand the foundations of the Scottish legal system, and better understand why the systems work as they do.



Ok, first draft of personal statement added - basically I'll be adding in footnoted links to all those documents or whatnot that I've listed above, that are the supporting evidence for what I've written in the statement. Please hack away!




Comments (1)

Jaf said

at 2:21 pm on May 28, 2012

The majority of the points above formed the basis of my Personal Statement, but the word limit of 500 words meant that I shifted the focus to footnoting/tying in my evidence to more general professional points, eg instead of referring to a specific event, I referred to "professional events" and used the evidence section which included articles I had written about my attendance at various ones, to demonstrate what I learned from going.

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